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About HuYu

How will HuYu use my data?
HuYu uses your data to generate insight for retailers and brands, to help them understand customers and improve their products and services. All data is anonymised and aggregated. HuYu never shares your individual data.

Will I be contacted by third parties as a result of sharing my data with HuYu?
No. HuYu never shares your individual data with third parties. You won’t receive any marketing communications from third parties as a result of sharing your data with HuYu.

What if I no longer want HuYu to use my data?
Just contact us at with ‘data removal request’ in the subject, and we’ll do the rest.

Data privacy

How does HuYu protect my information?
HuYu protects your privacy and personal information in several ways. Our Privacy Policy (see ‘Help’ section) answers questions about how we collect, use and protect your data.

Manage account

Can I continue using HuYu as a guest user?
Yes, but you need to sign up in order to redeem rewards.

How do I sign up to HuYu?
You can sign up to HuYu with Facebook or Google, from the home screen. We’ll add more ways to sign up soon.

How long does my account stay active?
Your HuYu account will stay active for as long as you do any activities (upload receipts, complete surveys).

Can I leave HuYu at any time?
Yes, you can stop using HuYu at any time. Just delete the app – or if you want all your data removed from our systems, contact us with a data removal request at

What happens to my points if I stop using HuYu?
We’ll delete all your data, including your points, if you haven’t used HuYu for 117 weeks. We’ll get in touch with you before this happens, to make sure you no longer want to use HuYu.

If you’re a guest user, your points will be lost if you delete the app or lose or change your phone.

How do I manage HuYu notifications?
You can manage notifications via ‘Notifications’ on your Account page in the HuYu App. You can also use your device settings: the Settings> notifications section on IOS devices or the Settings section of your Android device. You will still receive occasional service communications even if you have not opted in to receive communications from HuYu. Service notifications or emails will only be sent if we need to let you know about something important relating to the HuYu App e.g. problems with the app, changes to the privacy policy or T&Cs and updates or upgrades to the app.

What happens to my account if I lose my phone?
If you’re a guest user and you lose your phone, you’ll lose your points.

If you’ve signed up to HuYu with Facebook or Google, you can download the app on another mobile and log in to your account, where you’ll find all your points.

Collecting & redeeming points

How do I earn points on HuYu?
Submit supermarket receipts – from: Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl, and Co-op. We also accept receipts for online grocery shopping from Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose and Ocado.
Complete surveys – answer questions, get points for every survey you complete.
Signing up - creating an account using your Facebook or Google log in.

Connecting data - we are introducing the ability to connect different types of data using HuYu the first of which is online search and browse data. This feature will be rolled out gradually and users may be invited to connect because they have bought a specific product or have answered a specific survey. If successful, this feature may be rolled out to all users in future.

You can only submit your own receipts and receipts from members of your household as long as these receipts have not already been submitted. Submitting anyone else’s receipts is against the rules, and contravenes our T&Cs. You could lose points or your account could be suspended if you submit other’s receipts.

How do I redeem points?
To redeem points, just open the App and tap the rewards button in the navigation bar. You will be able to see if you have enough points to redeem and if so you will be directed to the website of our selected rewards partner. From there, you will be able to exchange your points for rewards.

Do my points ever expire?
Yes. When your account has been inactive for 117 weeks all your personal data will be deleted, including your points. Keep using the app, and your points won’t expire.

How many points do I need before I can redeem them as vouchers?
You need to earn 500 points before you can redeem them as shopping vouchers.

What can I redeem points for?
You can redeem your points for vouchers through our rewards partner. These vouchers can be spent at various online and high street merchants. A full list of voucher options offered by our rewards partner will be displayed to you at the time of redeeming your points, and these are subject to change.

How much are my points worth?
Points do not have a direct currency value, but we’ll always tell you how many points you get for an activity, and how many are required for a minimum redemption.

Can I change my mind once I’ve ordered my Giftcard?
No, once a giftcard is ordered it is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. If you have questions or problems relating to the receipt of a gift card, please contact our rewards partner directly and they will aim to respond to questions or resolve your issue within 3 business days.

What if I have problems using my giftcard?
If you have issues relating to the use of (rather than the receipt of) a gift card, please contact the gift card merchant’s customer service team.

Can I redeem more than one batch of rewards in a day?
A maximum reward value of £50 per day applies. This limit is subject to change at any time.

Receipt Scanning

What types of receipt qualify for rewards?
HuYu accepts receipts from these retailers: Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl, and Co-op. The receipt needs to be genuine and clear, and it can either be yours or from your household. Make sure you scan and upload it within 7 calendar days of the receipt date – older receipts won’t be accepted. So if you shop on 1 May, you should scan and upload the receipt before the end of the day on 7 May.

HuYu needs to be able to read the receipt. Receipts with heavy creases, blurred or unidentifiable text, part damaged or parts missing may be rejected, and you won’t earn any points.

What if I shop online?
We also accept receipts for online grocery shopping from the grocers listed in 4.1. Just scan a paper copy of your delivery receipt.

Can I upload someone else’s receipts?
Yes, as long as the person lives in your household and the receipt hasn’t previously been submitted. You may not submit a receipt from anyone outside your household. Submitting these receipts or receipts previously submitted by someone in your household, will be treated as fraudulent activity. See our Terms in the ‘Help’ section for more information.

Can I scan receipts from other retailers?
No. At the moment, HuYu only accepts receipts from Aldi, Asda, Co-Op, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose and Ocado. We may expand the list of retailers in the future.

How many points will I earn per receipt?
You’ll earn 5 points per receipt. This is subject to periodical review, and we’ll let you know in advance if it changes.

Do I need an internet connection to upload receipts?
Yes. Use wifi for best results.


How many points do I earn for surveys?
It depends on the length of the survey. Each survey has a points value, so you’ll see how many points it’s worth before you start.

Do I need an internet connection to complete a survey?
Yes, you’ll need to be connected to the internet to complete a survey and for points to be credited to your account. Use wifi for best results.

What happens if I leave the app before I’ve completed a survey?
You’ll need to start again if you leave the app or lose your connection. We expect most surveys to take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

How often will I receive invitations to complete surveys?
You’ll get regular invitations to complete surveys (there’s no set frequency for them). When a new survey is available, you’ll see it listed in the app.

Refer a friend

Can I always refer a friend for points?
You will only be able to refer a friend for points for a limited time so, keep an eye out for when this is available in the app!

How does ‘Refer a friend’ work?
You can invite up to three friends to HuYu by sharing your referral codes. After your friend has downloaded the HuYu app and scanned their first receipt, you will both earn 50 points!

I want to refer a friend - what do I do?
You can find your three friend referral codes through ‘Refer a friend’ in the ‘Earn’ section of the app and tap to share. For every friend that downloads HuYu and scans their first receipt, you will receive 50 points.

My friend sent me a referral code - what do I do?
Once you have downloaded the app and gone to scan your first receipt, you can enter the code your friend shared with you at the ‘Have a referral code?’ screen. After a successful scan, you will earn 50 points plus the 5 points for the receipt. You can also enter your referral code in your profile section of the app, under ‘Points & Rewards’.

Connect data – Online search and browse

How does it work?
If you get an invitation to ‘connect data’ for online search and browse it will explain the steps to connection. Firstly, you will press the ‘send email’ button and a form email containing a link will pop up in the app. Send this email to an address you can open from your personal desktop/laptop/tablet computer. Open the email on your computer and click the link to install the Snapshot extension. Snapshot installs on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi only. Note: the extension will not work with Apple’s Safari browser), takes a snapshot of the last 90days of your browsing then immediately uninstalls. You can then go back to the HuYu app and see your points have been awarded.

What data do you connect?
You can choose to share a one-off snapshot of your search and browse history. We only collect details about sites in whitelisted categories – like shopping and sport. We never seek to collect data about your physical or mental health, sexuality, religion or political affiliates, or adult content. The full whitelist may be seen here.

How do you use my data?
To understand your interests by analysing your online behaviour i.e. the websites you visit and how you spend your time online. The data helps our clients understand the best ways to communicate with their customers – we do this if you have given your consent to share this data with us.

Does HuYu track my online behaviour?
No, Snapshot takes a one off view of your datafrom the last 90 days and then uninstalls from your browser. If we would like you to connect online data in future we will invite you to opt in to taking part in the same process again.

Why can’t I see a ‘connect data’ option?
We are testing this feature with small groups of users at the moment, so you may not have the option yet. In future you may have the option to participate based on a product you have bought, or a survey question you have answered.

Why has ‘connect data’ not worked for me?
The most likely reasons for failure are either because you do not have enough data to qualify, perhaps you have recently cleared your browsing history, or because you are using an unsupported browser e.g. Safari. We are unable to investigate further as we are using a partner’s software.

Can I connect my data from any browser?
No, only Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Vivaldi are supported at this time.

Who are Powr of you?
Powr of you are our partner who licence us their software ‘Snapshot’ to capture a view of online data. They work with market research companies to provide this service.


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